Shop local to support local

Shopping local is not only good for your local economy, but it’s also a great way to get involved in your community. Did you know that 90% of consumers say they prefer to shop at small businesses, while 63% of people say they would pay more for a product if it was from a small business? We all know the benefits of shopping local, but there are also a few more that you might not have considered. Here are just a few of the many reasons it’s important to shop local and support small businesses.


1. Why shopping local is important

When you shop at a big-box store, the money you spend goes elsewhere. It might be reinvested in the community, but it might also go to support the company's headquarters in another state or country. When you shop at a small, local business, the money you spend is more likely to stay in the community. That means the business can afford to hire more people, support more local charities and even stay in business longer. And that's good for everyone.


2. How shopping local affects the economy

Shopping local has a big impact on the economy. When people shop at big chain stores, the money goes to corporate headquarters. When people shop at small businesses, the money goes to the people who own and operate those businesses. That means more jobs, more tax revenue and a stronger local economy. Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. They create two out of three jobs in this country, and they account for more than half of all business revenue. Supporting small businesses is the best way to support your community and help the economy grow.


3. Why support small businesses

When you buy from local businesses, you're not just getting great products, you're also supporting your community. Small businesses are the backbone of every community and are responsible for creating the vast majority of jobs. By shopping local, you're helping these businesses grow and, in turn, creating new jobs. Not only are you helping your community, but you're also supporting the environment. Local businesses are more likely to use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, so you can feel good about your purchase knowing you're doing your part to help the planet.


4. How shopping local creates a sense of community

Shopping local is important for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it keeps your money in your community. When you shop at locally-owned businesses, that money is then reinvested back into your community. That helps to create a strong and thriving community, which is something we can all benefit from. In addition, when you shop local, you're typically supporting small businesses. That's a win-win, because small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They create jobs, support the arts, and are often environmentally friendly. So the next time you're shopping, consider shopping local! You'll be doing yourself, your community, and our economy a favor.



Shopping local not only helps the economy, but it creates a sense of community and can be much more personal than shopping at large businesses. When you shop small, you create relationships with people in your area who are passionate about their business just like you're passionate about being an active member of your community.  So next time you need a product or service, bu sure to search for a local business!


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